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Our Adventures

We bring the Adventure to you

Kevin’s out of this world adventure 

Kevin the alien is lost from his home planet .

Parts of his space ship have gone missing across the galaxy!  Kevin needs your teams help to solve the clues that will rebuild his spaceship to send him safely back to his home planet. 

Difficulty: EASY (Recommended 6 - 8yo)

The F.a.r.t.s that saved the world

Federal Agency of Really Tricky Spies (F.A.R.T.S for short) need your help!

Really Evil Environment Killing Spies (R.E.E.K.S) have been destroying our beautiful environment! 

They have been littering in our streets, dumping in the great barrier reef and cutting down the rainforests! 

FARTS are looking for smart new secret agents who can spot the bad guys and put a stop to their environmental destruction.

Do you have what it takes to be a F.A.R.T.S agent?

Difficulty: Medium  (Recommended 8 - 12yo)

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